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Pictures of Fairy Gardens

~ Filed under: Unusual Garden Ideas

Fairy gardens are so cute! You can let your imagination run wild with adapting natural and found materials to a miniature world. If you'd like to have yours added here just let me know. Here are some pictures for your enjoyment...

Also check out our information on fairy garden supplies to find some cool stuff to start your own fairy garden with.

Fairy garden by Magic Onions.

An indoor fairy garden,
by the Studio at Rush Creek.

A fairy garden with a goard
as the fairy house.
By Our Psychic Art.

A fairy garden with a
Japanese-like bridge.
By For the Love of Gardening.

A natural fairy garden. You can just imagine the fairies
hiding under the mushroom.
By Two Green Thumbs.

pictures of fairy gardens
Even putting something
as simple as miniature
doors into the natural landscape makes you think of fairies. Image from Constance Phillips.

A fairy garden with natural and
found objects. Garden by Kleas.

A tiny bent-twig bench
for this fairy garden.
By Yonie's Garden.


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